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Corbin Sparrow 2

This Sparrow I got for "free" after it had a fire.  I helped the owner with his insurance claim and got the car for shipping costs.  What had happened was that one of the front battery cables had rubbed on the battery hold down bracket and shorted to it.  Since this was a later Sparrow with a non-isolated pack, this shorted the pack.  The really nasty part was that the only metal conductor between the rear metal frame (Where the pack was intentionally attached) and the front metal framework (where the short occured) was the brake lines.  These were mostly metal braid lines.  This resulted in the brake lines getting red hot, and they were bundled in with the main wiring harness though the car.  LOTS of smoke, and the entire system died which meant he couldn't open the window!

I had gotten most of the damage repaired when my shop burned down, destroying this Sparrow.

Some photos in my Gallery.

(I don't seem to have a good picture of the bird, sigh.)