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1st half coupler on motor2828 viewsMounted 1/2 the coupler on the first motor.
2nd half coupler mounted2466 viewsMounted the other half the coupler on the other motor.
Putting them together3404 viewsBoth motors together! Bolted to the motor-motor mount.
Bolting coupler together3716 viewsWe hadn't realized just how difficult it was going to be to tighten the bolts holding the coupler together. It was really awkward and hard. Took 2 people. (one turning the motor, the other holding the allen wrench.)
This was compouned when we discovered another alignment problem. Turns out that the end bells of the Impulse 9 motors aren't that accurately machine. We had a 10-20 thousandths variance between them that we had to shim.
Getting ready to put on the Flywheel adapter2670 viewsThe Flywheel adapter is also a heated press-fit. We made sure we had spacers to keep it from going on the shaft too far.
Flywheel adapter is on!3745 viewsCooling it down after pressing it on to the shaft. (more like setting it on, and tapping it gently down.)
Flywheel and cluth mounted3580 viewsBolted things together, bolted on the flywheel and clutch assemblies.
Motor and Transmission4191 viewsHere is the full drive assembly. Both Impulse 9 motors, transmission and transfer case.
We are going to lift it into the truck from the bottom.
Pulling the engine11168 viewsRemoving the 460cui gas engine. (Having a forklift really made this easier.)
All 762 pounds of it!
Motor-Motor mount ends3138 viewsWe started with some scrap plate steel from the local recycle place.
Motor-Motor mount body2270 viewsAnd a piece of old iron pipe from the same place.
Motor-Motor mount rough2394 viewsHere is the mount after some work in the lathe on both the raw pieces.
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