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1st half coupler on motor2857 viewsMounted 1/2 the coupler on the first motor.
2nd half coupler mounted2495 viewsMounted the other half the coupler on the other motor.
Putting them together3432 viewsBoth motors together! Bolted to the motor-motor mount.
Bolting coupler together3748 viewsWe hadn't realized just how difficult it was going to be to tighten the bolts holding the coupler together. It was really awkward and hard. Took 2 people. (one turning the motor, the other holding the allen wrench.)
This was compouned when we discovered another alignment problem. Turns out that the end bells of the Impulse 9 motors aren't that accurately machine. We had a 10-20 thousandths variance between them that we had to shim.
Getting ready to put on the Flywheel adapter2703 viewsThe Flywheel adapter is also a heated press-fit. We made sure we had spacers to keep it from going on the shaft too far.
Flywheel adapter is on!3778 viewsCooling it down after pressing it on to the shaft. (more like setting it on, and tapping it gently down.)
Flywheel and cluth mounted3613 viewsBolted things together, bolted on the flywheel and clutch assemblies.
Setting up to couple the motors4332 viewsThis is how we setup to couple the motors. Since both ends of the coupler are heated press-fit, once it's on. It's on. Forever.
Putting coupler on 1st motor2658 viewsWe heated the coupler with a torch until it was VERY hot. Then we stil had to pound it down on the shaft.
Not a good sign.
2nd motor 2358 viewsThen we quickly lowered the 2nd motor down into the coupler, and once again had to do some pounding.
Another bad sign.
Cooling it all off2994 viewsCooling the coupler down to keep the bearings from getting cooked.
Examining the result2240 viewsHere we are looking at the result, and finding that the motors had NOT pressed far enough into the coupler.
We had a 1/2" of extra space to deal with.
We were going to just add a 1/2" spacer, until we did some measuring, and found that the motors were NOT coupled straight. There was a definite wobble.
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