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Central Wiring area3963 viewsThis is where most of the control wiring will be.
It's not done yet in this photo.
The meters are the AC Amps and Volts for the PFV-50 input.
Motors Wired4092 viewsI wired the motors to the Z2K using 4/0 cable.
Notice that I don't like exposed High Voltage connections. Couldn't do much about the 1000A shunt though.
Control Wiring3509 viewsThis is the main control wiring for the EV conversion. It has the Z2K Hairball, and all the various relays, meters, fuses, etc..
The 2 meters are AC Amps and Volts for the PFC-50 charger.
Control Wring (part 2)3909 viewsThis is what's under the top board of the control wiring. This is where most of the big parts are located.
PFC-50 plugs, DC-DC converters, fuses for pack voltage accessories, etc...
Cables into bed6305 viewsThis shows how I mounted and protected the cables that run from the front of the truck into the bed.
All under-truck cables are in some kind of conduit, or have a shield between them and the ground.
Truck wiring conduit4743 viewsSome of the DC conduit runs under the truck.
Truck wiring AC conduit4403 viewsThe conduit for the AC wiring under the truck.
DC cabling6178 viewsThis shows the DC power cableing done - except for the battery boxes themselves.
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